3D Hologram Projectors for Sale and Rent
Hologram Exhibits for Trade Shows and Special Events

Common Questions

Q.How large can the Holographic image be?

A. The image created can range from 6 inches to 8 ft tall by 20 ft wide. It really depends on your available exhibit space.

Q.Is the Hologram a still image only or can it be moving video?

A. The holographic presentation can be fully animated moving video. Please view our video page for examples of past presentations.

Q.What power requirements are neccessary for the Hologram Illusion?

A.The Holographic Exhibit simply plugs into a regular electrical socket. ( large scale versions may require addional power needs )

Q.Can the exhibit exterior be made to match my booth?

A.Yes the kiosk can be made any color and include any graphics designed to match your booths lookt.

Q.Are 3D Glasses Required?

A. No 3D Glasses are required to view the holographic 3D effect.

Q.Can the holographic images be any color I desire?

A. Yes the hologram can be poduced in full color. Brighter colors are recommned for the best effect.

Q.My booth will have its own audio. Does the Hologram Illusion operate quietly?

A. The exhibit itself is totally silent in operation. Audio for the effect is optional.

Q.Can you convert any image to Holographic form?

A. YES. Any logo, any product or any image.

Q.Must we purchase or can we rent?

A. Both purchase and rental options are available.

Q.We have a different design of kiosk in mind than the standard look... can you build it?

A. YES. We are happy to build different designs for clients. Let us know what you are looking for and our design team will create it.

Holographic Projectors for Trade Shows, Press Conferences and Special Events


Your company's Logo, Product or Message floats in mid air in 3D!.
Hologram Projectors offer full color, full motion presentations to atttact attention to your trade show booth.