Hologram Exhibits for Museums

Engage your museum visitors with visually exciting interactive holographic presentations.

  • Nasa hologram projector

    Interactive Hologram Display at the Kennedy Space Center

  • Kennedy Space Center Hologram

    Holograms teach Kennedy Space Center guests about the Apollo Space Program

Hologram projectors prove popular with museum visitors. Our dual sided interactive hologram displasy offer museum guests a modern, high tech and fun way to learn about a museum exhibit. The interative touch screen located on each side allow viewers to select the 3D presentation of their choice. Sample presentations could include virutal recreations of history figures speaking on a topic of interest or 3D recreations of a museum artifact. Why just have a model of a T-Rex when you can have it display and brought to life in 3D holographic form?

The Kennedy Space Center in Florida recently installed two of our hologram projectors to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Guests at the KSC ( Kennedy Space Center ) interact with the displays and see 3D visual presentations of crutial elements of the mission. Narrative audio enhances the entertainment and learning value of the presentation. You can see one of the Holographic presentatations we created for the project here. View Youtube Video